Welcome to our Church!

Sunday Service — April 18, 2021
Third Sunday of Easter
Worship Liturgy —https://newberlinucc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Worship-Liturgy-April-18-2021.pdf

Welcome back to in-person worship!
Welcome back to the church for worship services. Please follow the guidelines that the Church Consistory implemented last year.
Here are the guidelines:
Starting Sunday, May 2, we will be resuming Congregational Singing (with masks) and our monthly Social Hour with masks and social distancing after the service.

Join us via phone Sundays!
Emmanuel United Church of Christ Sunday Services will continue to be broadcast via phone.  To join our worship experience please dial toll free number 1-877-309-2073 and when it answers then dial 591680557# and you will be connected! All are welcome to join!

Sunday Service — April 11, 2021
Second Sunday of Easter
Worship Liturgy — https://newberlinucc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Worship-Liturgy-April-11-2021.pdf

Mifflinburg School District’s Backpack Program

The New Berlin Food Pantry is once again participating in the Mifflinburg School District’s Backpack program. Our group is responsible for the month of April and will pack 150 bags every week for children in the intermediate and elementary schools who have been identified as food insufficient.

My heart breaks when I think of a child being hungry and I was reminded of a story I read about Mother Teresa. Here is a portion of the story in her own words: Some time ago a man came to our house and he said, “Mother, there is a family, a Hindu family that has eight children. They have not eaten for a long time. Do something for them.” So I took some rice and I went. When I arrived at their house, I could see the hunger in the children’s eyes. Their eyes were shining with hunger. I gave the rice to the mother, and she took the rice. She divided it into two, and then she went out. When she came back, I asked her, “Where did you go?” She said, “They are hungry also.” She was referring to the next door neighbor…they were also hungry. What struck me most is not that she gave the rice, but she knew they were hungry. And because she knew…she shared.

So I am asking you now…because you know of the need to ensure that children will not go hungry…children who are our neighbors…will YOU share?

On behalf of the food pantry, several people will be purchasing the designated items for each backpack bag in bulk. To defray the cost of this project, your help through monetary donations would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider a gift of any amount and mail it to the church. (Emmanuel United Church of Christ, 326 Market Street, PO Box 329, New Berlin, PA 17855). The church will then forward the donations to the food pantry.

Let us do our part to help those who need us the most.

We press on in the ministry of faith in action,
Pastor Jim