Welcome to our Church!

Sunday Service — June 13, 2021
Third Sunday after Pentecost
Worship Liturgy — https://newberlinucc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Worship-Liturgy-June-13-2021.pdf
Hymn Insert — https://newberlinucc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Come-Ye-Thankful-People-Come.pdf

Welcome back to the church for worship services!
Emmanuel United Church of Christ is following the new guidelines from the Department of Health for Pennsylvania. Please see this link for those guidelines:
The Offering Plate will remain in the back of the sanctuary and Holy Communion will continue with the cup/wafer combination. Please reach out to Pastor Jim or Pastor Jan for any concerns you may have.

Join us via phone Sundays!
Emmanuel United Church of Christ Sunday Services will continue to be broadcast via phone.  To join our worship experience please dial toll free number 1-877-309-2073 and when it answers then dial 591680557# and you will be connected! All are welcome to join!

Sunday Service — June 6, 2021
Second Sunday after Pentecost, God’s Will
Worship Liturgy — https://newberlinucc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Worship-Liturgy-June-6-2021.pdf

Community and InsightSunday, June 26, after worship

As a part of Pastor Jan’s training, our church is to form a committee to provide her feedback on leading worship, sermon content, programming ideas etc. Pastor Jim and Pastor Jan talked about several ideas to meet this goal for her training. We decided rather than forming a committee, we would involve any members of our congregation who would like to provide feedback.

Starting May 30th, and continuing the last Sunday of each month, we will be having a time of discussion immediately after worship which we are calling Community and Insight. Community because it involves our whole church community and Insight because we are both looking to learn from you!

In addition to enjoying each other’s friendship and a cup of coffee,
Jan and I will be asking you about the services for that month.
We would like to know how you felt about your worship experience.
What moved you?
What excited you?
What perplexed you?
How did you interpret the sermons?
Did you learn anything new, and how will it help you in your everyday life?
And…any other feedback you would like to offer. We look forward to this time together! You do not need to sign up. You do not need to attend every month. This is an open invitation to talk honestly and candidly with your pastors about what is on your mind concerning the theology we are presenting to you.
See you on May 30th!